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Keyword Elite Review - HOT !


Optimizing your web page for the wrong keyword can be VERY costly.

Doing it wrong for a PPC campaign can cost you a fortune.

What are you doing about it ?


Keyword Elite review ImageYou risk that no-one find your web page and you might pay dearly in your PPC campaigns for using the wrong keywords.

Finding the best keywords for a PPC campaign or for search engine optimization can be a pain. Especially on PPC search engines where you often need 1000+ keywords for a successful campaign.

Keyword research is the foundation of everything so selecting the right keywords is paramount for success. A good support for keyword research is therefore very important for all of us who promote web sites on the internet.

I frequently use Keyword Elite for my own Keyword Research so i think it deserves a review on this web site.

Here are the evaluation criteria's used for the Keyword Elite review.

  • Easy to create and maintain a 1,000+ list of relevant keywords
  • Good support to select keywords based on keyword competition, search volumes, relevancy and bid volumes.
  • Find high paying keywords for Adsense pages and other purposes.

Lets see how Keyword Elite solves these problems.

Keyword Elite Review

Keyword Elite is organized in five projects with different features:

  • Project 1: Create a Keyword list
  • Project 2: Analyze Pay per Click Listings
  • Project 3: Select Keyword List
  • Project 4: Analyze keyword competition
  • Project 5: Spy on Adwords competition

Let's look at the projects one-by-one.

Project 1: Create a keyword list

The main purpose with project 1 is to build huge keyword lists for your PPC campaigns and so it does. You can easily generate lists of several thousands of keywords with a few clicks of a button.

Keyword Elite takes its data from several free sources and that is very a good thing. It is not a good idea to only use the keyword Google suggests for your Adwords campaigns. Doing so mean you bid on exactly the same keywords as everybody else and thus pumping up the bid prices.

Besides the free keyword databases is Keyword Elite also fully integrated with WordTracker and Keyword Discovery to give you an enormous database to take keywords from.

The edit functions are quite advanced and you can easily "mass-edit" the keyword list like for example removing the word "free" to avoid bargain hunters. You can also automatically add words to keyword phrases if you like.

An interesting and almost hidden feature is "create Adsense" web page. Keyword Elite search through numerous articles sources and find a keyword rich article for your selected keywords. Keyword Elite also create web pages automatically for the articles. This feature is very useful when you very quickly need to set up an Adsense web site.

You can import and export keyword lists to and from other software programs.

Project 2: Analyze Pay Per Click Listings

The main purpose with project 2 is to find profitable keyword niches and analyze competition at PPC search engines.

Keyword Elite allows you to analyze PPC information from the following search engines:

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Miva
  • Enhance

MSN is not implemented at the time of this review (2006-09-01) but is coming soon according to Brad Callen.

Keyword Elite provide you with a large amount of useful data:

  • Web pages including the word (keyword competition)
  • Search volumes (keyword demand)
  • R/S data (supply v.s demand)
  • KEI data (supply v.s demand)
  • Adwords CPC for broad, exact and phrase match
  • Estimated Adwords clicks
  • Number of Adwords campaigns and a list of all sites bidding on the keyword
  • Number of Yahoo, Miva and Enhance campaigns and a list of all sites bidding on the keyword
  • Top bid for Yahoo, Miva and Enhance respectively

It is shamefully easy to create lists of top paying keywords to the point of almost being unfair towards those who don't use Keyword Elite. You can automatically create Adsense pages based on the top paying keywords exactly like in project 1.

You can easily identify keywords with high search volumes and low bid amount to target for your Adwords campaigns.

Project 3: Select Keyword List

The purpose with this module is to create a large list of keywords based on input from a large database of more than 2 million keyword phrases.

This is the least useful feature in Keyword Elite because I prefer to use data directly based on real search engines. I'm sure you can find useful keywords in this project but I prefer to use the keywords generated in project 1 instead.

The only benefit project 3 has over project 1 is that it's faster to generate the keyword list. In project 1 you must be a little patient because it takes the data directly from the search engines.

Project 3 in Keyword Elite is quite simple with little functionality.

Project 4: Analyze Keyword Competition

The purpose with this module is to analyze keyword competition for your keywords.

You can import your keywords from the other projects or from another program and then press "OK" to start the analysis. It will take a few seconds or minutes to get the result based on how many keywords and sites you want to analyze.

Keyword Elite generates a really nice and easy to read report with the most important "on-page" criteria's for the top listed sites for each keyword.

Keyword Elite's report contains the following data for the top x (depends on how many you want) ranked sites in Google:

  • Google Page Rank
  • Number of words in the web page
  • How many times the keyword is repeated in the text
  • Keyword Density
  • How many times the keyword is repeated in the TITLE
  • How many times the keyword is repeated in links on the page
  • How many times the keyword is repeated in ALT tags
  • How many times the keyword is repeated in META Keyword and Description tags
  • How many times the keyword is marked in bold
  • How many times the keyword is repeated H1 tags

I'd like to see more "off-page" criteria's such as for example link popularity like in the WebCEO reports but I guess I can't get everything.

Project 5: Spy on Adwords Competition

The purpose with this module is to track which keywords your competitors are bidding on and the ad copy they are using.

This is where it gets really interesting and highly useful. It's a well known fact that ads that are repeated for a long time are usually very profitable. You'd be a fool if you continue to use an ad that loses money.

If you allow Keyword Elite to automatically track what your most successful competitors are doing over time you can see exactly which keywords they are bidding on, how much and which position they have. You can also see exactly which ad copy they are using each time.

You can schedule Keyword Elite to automatically run the project as pre-determined intervals to follow your competitors.

You can easily save thousands of dollars and countless mistakes by monitor what the experts are doing. The experts have also been beginners and made mistakes but they learned how to do it and you should follow what they are doing.

This Keyword Elite module is a must have if you seriously plan to use Adwords to make your site profitable.

Keyword Elite Review - Verdict

Let's go through the key problems I mentioned in the beginning of the Keyword Elite Review to see how Keyword Elite solves your problems:

1. Easy to create and maintain a 1,000+ list of relevant keywords

It's no problem for Keyword Elite to create a list with 5-10,000 relevant keywords. If you are very demanding l recommend that you use WordTracker or Keyword Discovery together with Keyword Elite if you need even more keywords.

2. Good support to select keywords based on keyword competition, search volumes, relevancy and bid volumes.

Keyword Elite easily presents very useful data about competition, search volumes and bid volumes. WordTracker provides more accurate data about search volumes but is as mentioned well integrated into Keyword Elite if you desire the extra accuracy.

Keyword Elite can "spy" (legally and ethically) on your most successful competitors to see EXACTLY which keywords they are using, how much they pay and their ad copy. This information is worth its weight in gold because you can copy their successful ads.

3. Find high paying keywords for Adsense pages

Keyword Elite automatically find high paying keywords for you with a click of a button. It can even create an Adsense web page for you for the keywords you select by taking keyword rich articles from article web sites.

Keyword Elite offer very good value for the current price. You can easily recover the money back in one day by targeting the right keywords and learning by spying on your most successful competitors.

I highly recommend you to visit the Keyword Elite homepage and take a look at the free videos.


Improvements needed

Keyword Elite is a very capable software but there are some areas for improvement.

You can transfer the keywords between the projects but the integration between the projects is one of the things that can be improved. I can't point at something specific but it seems only "half-done" to me.

The software is still under development and it's slightly noticeable in some areas.

Support for MSN is still not included but is according to Brad Callen one of the planned new features.

Keyword Elite comes with lifetime free upgrades so it's perfectly safe to buy the software even though some features still are not implemented.

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